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Moldable Mouthpiece


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Trident RPH20
  • Free storage plug protect regulator from debris and unwelcome guests
  • Attachment protects from debris from getting regulator during storage
  • Offset for both upper and lower jawCreate your own custom mouthpiece to suit your own personal dental profile
  • Less physical exertion is needed when using a second stage equipped with this mouthpiece
  • Fits most standard orifice regulators
Rite Bite Custom Moldable Mouthpieces by Trident.  Color Choices - Clear, Black, Light Blue, Light Pink.  Fits Standard Orifice Regulators which include: (size 1-1/4” X 3/4”) Apollo, Aqua Lung– Older Metal Regulators. Beuchat Evolution, Iceberg & Nitrox, Vxt8, Vxt Octo, vx4, Bridgestone, Cressi-sub (except Ellipse Uses A Professional Ii), Dacor - After 1992, Dive Buddy, ist (except Proline Is A Ii), Nds, Ocean Master, Pro Sub (avalon), Saeko-line, Sas, scuba Pro (except A700 Uses A Ii), Seac, Sherwood (most Early Models/brut/shadow/magnum Ii/oasis/pre 1992 Blizzard), Spare Air, Tabata/Tusa (not Tusa Imprex).

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1493 Fay Avenue
Fairhaven, CA 95564


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