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Live 2 Dive Scuba
1493 Fay Avenue 
Fairhaven, CA 95564


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Element Wrist Computer


Giotto Wrist Mount Computer


Imprex Pressure Gauge


Element II Wrist Computer


Element II 3 Gauge Console


Element 3 Gauge Console


Element 2 Gauge Console


Platina Analog 3 Gauge Console

$249.95 $280.00

Platina Analog 2 Gauge Console

$179.95 $198.00

Platina SPG Combo


Pony Bottle Gauge


Compass on Special Hose Mount by Storm


Wrist Compass with Hose Mount by Storm


Retractable SuperTilt Compass


Trident Retractor Compass with Gate Snap


Trident Retractor Compass with Snap


Scuba Console Locking Retractor


Console Retractor


Mini Retractor


Trident Latex Wrist Lanyard


34 Inch High Pressure Hose



Contact Us

1493 Fay Avenue
Fairhaven, CA 95564


Wednesday 6pm to 8pm
Friday 4pm to 6pm 
Saturday 10am to 5pm

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Wednesday 6pm to 8pm
Friday 4pm to 5pm
Saturday 10am to 5pm

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