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1493 Fay Avenue
Fairhaven, CA 95564


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Boots, Gloves, Hoods

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3mm Maxflex Glove by ScubaMax


3mm Neoprene Supratex Glove from ScubaMax


5/3mm Neoprene Dive Hood w/ Top Purge


Felt Bottom 10mm Dive Boot


Henderson 5mm Thermoprene Gloves


NeoSport X-Span 5mm Glove


8mm Thug Zipper Boot

$59.95 $70.00

Tilos 5mm Titanium Zip Trufit Boot

$42.95 $48.99

5mm Glove by ScubaMax


3mm Forte Velcro Glove by Tilos


6/3mm Standard Hood by Tilos

$32.95 $39.95

Lycra Socks - Black, Blue, Yellow, Pink


Wetsox Therms


Super Stretch Hooded Vest 5/3mm


Neoprene Beanie

$12.99 $19.95

Accessory Hanger by Underwater Kinetics


Stormsure Neoprene Repair Kit

$7.99 $13.00


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1493 Fay Avenue
Fairhaven, CA 95564

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